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Simply smarter water storage

Monitor and control tank capacity to reduce flood risk, remotely.

See how TankTalk® prevents rainwater tank overflows and preempt flooding. This industry-leading technology lets you control tank levels without leaving the office.

TankTalk portal interface

Protect your assets, and the environment.

Effortlessly preempt potentially damaging overflows, run-off and flooding.

Create storage capacity remotely, from desktop and mobile apps.

Make better decisions with ongoing rainfall, tank level and drain volume monitoring.


Take control of rainwater storage in your network. Keep track of individual tank levels, and release water automatically to build capacity ahead of rain events. See how TankTalk® helps you reduce flood risk, remotely.


Tech specs

Software requirements: ClearSCADA, DNP3, 4G
Standards: ISO9001 Manufactured
Controller power: 105-240VAC, 50-60HZ
Level transducer power: 24VDC
Pump: Submersible pump with suction filter and dry run prevention, AS2040 compliant
Electric actuators: 2-way ball valves (WaterMarked)
Environmental ratings: vary for each component

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Need the full specs? Enter your email address and we’ll send them over.