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Digital Meters

The next generation in water monitoring and management.

Co-developed by South East Water, the fully-integrated NB-IoT-enabled sensors to measure flow, temperature, pressure and vibration to detect leaks on the customer side and in the utility network.

Our digital meters enable you to track daily water usage and detect leaks at both individual properties and within your network. You can use this information to fix any leaks before they turn into big problems for your network or your customers.

Increase your network visibility to reduce operating costs and improve infrastructure management.

Automated daily water usage readings - no more manual readings

Integrated vibration sensors enable you to detect and fix leaks within your network before they become an issue

Use key insights to proactively manage and maintain assets for more sustainable water usage readings


Increase visibility over your network operations, reduce your operating costs and improve your infrastructure management with digital meters.


Tech specs

Meter Fully-integrated 20mm NB-IoT meter (compatible with all Australian telecommunications carriers)
Communication NB-IoT communication bands 28,8,5,20
Compatability LWM2M open standard protocols – no proprietary software or vendor lock-in
Certifications Fully approved to all relevant Australian standards including NMI, RCM, Watermark
Power Lithium battery, 10+ years battery life under standard conditions
Data capture 30 minute data capture and once daily transmit
Optional add-ons Pressure and vibration sensors
Security Bi-directional communications for data integrity, security, remote configuration and firmware changes
Provisions Simple 'one-touch' provisioning