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Advanced BlokAid®

Intelligent sewer spill prevention

Monitor sewer levels and gases, and derive flows in near-real time, to avert spills and preempt disaster.

Advance Blokaid product image

Advanced BlokAid® marks an intelligent turning point in sewer spill prevention.

Advanced BlokAid portal interface

Remove blockages before they're a problem

Near-real time insights let you catch – and remove – blockages as they arise.

Continuously derived flow rate, level sensing and H2S tracking delivers network-wide visibility, 24/7.

Easy-to-install, highly durable units are built for the long haul.


Advanced BlokAid® monitors sewer levels and H2S gas across your network, remotely. It lets you act on blockages before they become a problem. See how Advanced BlokAid® reduces sewer spill risks intelligently.


Tech specs

Software Support CLEARSCADA / DNP3 / 4g NB-IOT
Standards ISO9001 Manufactured
Power Lithium Battery, 5 Years
Environmental ratings IP67, 0-50 Deg C