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Join the revolution in smart sewers

Monitor and control low-pressure sewer systems remotely, in near-real time.

Iota OneBox

See how OneBox® reduces spill risks, cuts costs, and helps you deliver better service to every one of your customers. It’s a proven wastewater management solution you can rely on.

OneBox portal interface

Make smarter decisions with OneBox®

Know what’s going on, minute to minute, from single-premise to network level.

Control each OneBox® in your network remotely, through our desktop app.

Preempt spills before the customer even knows there’s a problem.


Monitor your network in near-real time. Control individual OneBox® units remotely. And get insights that can transform your network management strategy. Find out how OneBox® is revolutionising wastewater management for low-pressure sewers.


Tech specs

Software ClearSCADA, DNP3, 4G
Standards ISO9001 Manufactured1
Power 85Vac to 265Vac 50Hz/60Hz
Level transducer 24VDC
Pump Suitable for use with mains-powered submersible grinder pumps up to 1.12kW (on 230Vac)
Environmental ratings Environmental ratings: IP65, -10 to 60 degrees Celsius

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Need the full specs? Enter your email address and we’ll send them over.