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Lentic® Digital Utility Platform

The complete end-to-end Digital Utility solution, "Fit for Water"

Designed from the ground up by a water utility for water utilities, our flexible solution provides you the right insights, at the right time.

Harness a proven fit-for-water solution to accelerate and de-risk your Digital Utility journey.

Get the most out of your data and insights

With flexibility at its core, Lentic® is both telecommunications provider and device agnostic.

Designed by a water utility to meet water utilities' data, analytics, operational and customer needs.

Comprehensive algorithms identify priority issues to operators in near-real time.


Lentic® will derive invaluable operational insights, utilise advanced analytics to provide automated outcomes and meet ever-increasing customer and stakeholder expectations.


Tech specs

Multi-device capability - Supports low cost and long battery life in-field devices through LwM2M over NBIoT
Multi-telecommunication provider support, including telecommunication SLA monitoring
Multi communication protocol inter-operability. Currently supports LwM2M on NBIoT. Capability to extend to other protocols
Integration with enterprise systems
API based integration to any third-party systems. Out of the box connectors available
High-volume, high-velocity data ingestion and data validation
Support enterprise data linkages; meter number, property address, customer ID and billing number
Device management
Real time and near real time rules engine
Rules based Meter Data Management validation
Alarms and events management