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Smart metering for smarter business operations

footprint® is a smart metering platform that will help you easily track water consumption and identify irregular usage.

Centrally visualise and monitor water consumption through data loggers installed onto existing water meters that transmit data via existing communication, to a secure online portal. Receive free, automated reports – customised to your needs – and a unique portal to monitor your account anywhere, anytime.

Understand how, when and why water is used throughout your organisation, increasing awareness of water consumption and alerting you to potential leaks

Reduce your water bills by detecting leaks and unusual water consumption

Visualise your water use in near real-time

Enhance your environmental reputation by being a more water aware organisation


footprint® monitors water use through accurate, high quality data loggers installed onto existing meters. Rest assured with reliable, near real-time reporting on your usage. Get insight through customised, automatic reports via email and SMS straight to your computer or device.


Tech specs

Installation and Maintenance Data loggers installed at existing metered assets
Data Hosting and IT Support Consumption data is captured and transferred to our secure, central server using existing communications networks
Monitoring and Detection Receive automated reports and access to your unique dashboards on the footprint portal anytime, anywhere